Danube – Borcha

Not far from the center of Belgrade and buzz of the city is our oasis of peace. Birdstweeting, rustle of the leaves, wild beach and sounds of the waves of Danube are our food for the soul and body.

Borcha’s natural beauties are becoming more and more popular every day and as the best proof of that are two cycle tourists from Austria, Isabella and Johannes, that we met today and who have chosen this part of the route on their way to the Black Sea.
For today’s goal they have determined the city of Kovin, where they will spend the night, and on their way they also enjoyed the beauties of our Borcha’s county.
We wished a pleasant stay in Serbia to Isabella and Johannes and, in addition, to all our future guests, and the localsas well, we wish as much relaxation as possible and a lot of fun in our oasis.

Деца су украс света - Буди хуман

With the air in their tires and wind at their backwe wish them a safe journey.

P.S. Let us know when you arrive at the Black Sea and send us some pictures! ?

03. July 2015, Borcha, Serbia

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